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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Man Accused Of Throwing Bowling Ball At Woman’s Head

A South Carolina man has been charged with attempted murder after throwing a bowling ball at a woman’s head. York County authorities arrested Omar Sheree Stevenson, 33, for the Dec. 18 incident at the Strikers Family Sports Center in Rock Hill.

Police say Stevenson threw a 12-pound bowling ball at the victim’s head when she refused to let him buy drinks for her.

The bowling ball hit the victim in the forehead while she was sitting on a bench. Authorities say the victim’s skull was visible from the impact, according to the police report obtained by CBS Charlotte.

The victim was transported to Piedmont Medical Center where she received stitches and was released. She did not suffer a fractured skull or a concussion. Stevenson is currently being held at the York County Detention Center. Source

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Gigantic Sinkhole in Guatemala City

Heavy rains from tropical storm Agatha likely triggered the collapse of a huge sinkhole in Guatemala on Sunday, seen above a few days afterward.

In the strictly geologic use of the word, a sinkhole happens when water erodes solid bedrock, carving an underground cavity that can then collapse. Many parts of the United States are at risk for that type of event.

The Guatemala sinkhole fits into a broader use of the term, which refers to any sudden slump of the ground's surface. Instead of solid bedrock, much of Guatemala City rests atop a layer of loose, gravelly volcanic pumice that is hundreds of feet thick.


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