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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Senkaku islands Dispute - Japan agree to pay

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Media reports in Japan said the government will pay the Kurihara family a total of Y2.05 billion (£16.4 million) for the islands, which are in the East China Sea off Japan's Okinawa Prefecture but are claimed by both China and Taiwan. 
News that a deal has been struck is likely to provoke strong criticism from the governments in Beijing and Taiwan, as well as potentially triggering renewed outbursts of violence in both countries. 
Tens of thousands of Chinese took to the streets in a dozen cities in mid-August after a group of Japanese nationalists landed on Uotsuri Island and unfurled Japanese flags. Television footage of the protests showed demonstrators ransacking Japanese restaurants and businesses and wrecking Japanese-made cars. 
The Japanese government has declined to confirm that a deal has been signed, with a spokesman telling Kyodo News that the discussions were still under way. 
According to the reports, a senior official met secretly with a member of the Kurihara family on behalf of Yoshihiko Noda, the prime minister, on Monday. Under the terms of the deal, the contract to transfer ownership of the Senkakus - which China knows as the Diaoyu islands and Taiwan refers to as the Tiaoyutai chain - will be signed by the family and the Japanese government by the end of this month.  Read more
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Sunday, September 2, 2012

Grenade injures 41 at Philippines circus

Credit : INQ NEWS
DAVAO CITY, Philippines, Sept. 2 (UPI) -- Police say they believe Philippines army troops were the target of a grenade attack that injured 41 people at a circus performance near Davao City.

The head of the city police force said it appeared the attacker was targeting an army installation next to the outdoor court in the village of Fatima where the circus was taking place but the grenade hit a barrier and bounced into the crowd, GMA News said Sunday.

Police Director Ronald De La Rosa told reporters five of the injured were in critical condition, DZMM Raydo Patrol 630 said.

Davao City in the southern Philippines is in an area where communist New People's Army guerrillas have been active over the years, the Mindanao Examiner said

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